Beautifying the Woony River Greenway

Volunteer and Sponsor to Transform the Woonasquatucket River Greenway!

We’re so grateful to our 2023 Earth Month sponsors!

Each year, over 1,500 volunteers join the River Rangers to clean, beautify and restore the Woonasquatucket River Greenway. They work hard to make the Greenway a special place to play and experience nature. We begin each season with Earth Month events in April, followed by ongoing opportunities throughout the year when friends and neighbors join us in service. Thanks to the dedication and work of so many, the Greenway continues to be a true catalyst for change and revitalization in Rhode Island.

For more information, please contact Events and Advocacy Coordinator Clare Brown at or 401-861-9046.

2023 Earth Month Events

Wednesday, April 12: Providence
At Riverside Park, we will be seeding pollinator meadows, collecting trash, weeding and mulching, building new planters, and unveiling new artwork. REGISTER HERE

Friday, April 14: Johnston and Providence
Along the Greenway at Hillside Ave, we’ll be planting native flowers and shrubs, planning a wildflower meadow, and more! Behind the Stop & Shop on Manton Avenue, we will be conducting a major trash sweep. REGISTER HERE

Saturday, April 15: North Providence
At the newly developed Adams Lane river access location, we will be maintaining trails, removing invasive plants, and collecting trash. REGISTER HERE

Saturday, April 22 (Earth Day!): Providence
Join WRWC and the RI North East Mountain Bike Association to celebrate EARTH DAY! At the Adventure Park near Merino Park we’ll be collecting trash and showcasing the plans for the next phase of the Adventure Park. REGISTER HERE

Saturday, April 29: Smithfield
At Stillwater Pond, we will be collecting trash on land and in the water. We will also offer canoe/kayak paddles and birding guidance for bird lovers! REGISTER HERE

Other Clean Day Volunteer Opportunities

In addition to April’s Earth Month events, we offer 20+ volunteer Clean Days throughout the Woonasquatucket River Watershed. We invite friends, neighbors, and dedicated volunteers to help beautify our communities. We also offer custom group volunteer opportunities for corporate and community groups.

Our volunteer events are posted on our Events page (these Earth Month events aren’t there yet but will be soon!). All participants are required to register and sign an online waiver in advance. Volunteers under 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult, and all volunteers under 18 must have their waivers signed by an adult.

2023 Earth Month Sponsorship Opportunities

WRWC’s Earth Month events offer high visibility. Held throughout April in Smithfield, North Providence, Johnston, and Providence, our Earth Month and other Clean Day events are well attended. More than 1,500 volunteers will join us in 2023 to improve and beautify the Woonasquatucket River watershed. State and local officials will be in attendance and our strong relationship with local media and neighborhood organizations ensures event publicity and coverage. We promote all events in our emails and social media, which engage more than 10,000 people per message.

We are seeking sponsors and volunteer groups to join the Woonasquatucket River Watershed Council’s Earth Month Celebrations in April 2023. WRWC’s Earth Month events will be taking place in Smithfield, North Providence, Johnston, and Providence.

Level 1 Sponsor: $5,000+ (year-long visibility via WRWC’s Clean Day events)

  • Opportunity for volunteer team to participate in Earth Month or other Clean Day event
  • Name/logo placement on all 2023 Clean Day event banners/signs (20+ events)
  • Name/logo placement on all 2023 Clean Day promotional emails
  • Name/logo placement on WRWC website
  • Thanks and acknowledgement in WRWC social media

Level 2 Sponsor: $3,000-$4,999 (visibility through April 2023)

  • Opportunity for volunteer team to participate in Earth Month or other Clean Day event
  • Name/logo placement on Earth Month event banners/signs
  • Name/logo placement on Earth Month promotional emails
  • Name/logo placement on WRWC website
  • Thanks and acknowledgement in WRWC social media

Level 3: $1,500-$2,999 (visibility through April 2023)

  • Opportunity for volunteer team to participate in Earth Month or other Clean Day event
  • Name/logo placement on Earth Month promotional emails
  • Name/logo placement on WRWC website
  • Thanks and acknowledgement in WRWC social media

For more information, please contact WRWC’s Director of Development Jill Davidson at

Click here to download WRWC Earth Month Sponsorship Deck

Group Clean Days

Group Clean Days

Group projects on the Greenway offer opportunities for meaningful teambuilding and community service. Throughout the year, we partner with corporate groups, schools, and nonprofits to do projects that keep the Woonasquatucket River beautiful, safe, and functional. Half-day group project opportunities are available throughout the year. Typically, projects often happen between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm, and timing can be customized depending on your group’s needs.

To get started, please review the information below and then share your group’s information on our Clean Days sign up form below.

Project Details
We offer opportunities to participate in horticulture projects that involve light gardening tasks such as raking, mulching, weeding, and planting. We also offer opportunities to join maintenance projects such as litter cleanups, in-water trash removal, sign painting, and fence- and bench-building. Depending on the size and needs of your group, horticulture and maintenance projects can be combined.
We provide:

  • An overview of the Woonasquatucket River and watershed, along with specific cultural and historical information about the project site
  • Water stations to fill reusable bottles and disposable cups
  • Hand sanitizer and/or handwashing stations
  • All necessary project equipment and supplies

We encourage participants to bring their own work gloves if they can; we also have plenty of “loaner” work gloves if needed. Participants should wear weather-appropriate clothing that can get dirty.

Please note that a person from your group must serve as the designated group project contact for communication and coordination purposes.

Corporate Engagement Contribution
We ask volunteer groups from for-profit companies to provide a donation to help cover the planning and material costs our volunteer events and to support the work of the non-profit Woonasquatucket River Watershed Council. Requested engagement contributions are $1,000 for groups of up to 15 and $1,500 for groups of up to 30. If your group is larger than 30, please indicate that on the sign up form and we will follow up to determine an appropriate fee. We also appreciate contributions from non-profit and education-related groups.

Project Locations
Needs along the Greenway determine the locations of projects, with most opportunities located in Providence, North Providence, Johnston, and Smithfield. We will work with your group to determine a project location that works for all involved.

Weather Policy
Because our projects occur outdoors, we will schedule a rain date following the primary project date, and we ask groups to commit to this date if possible.

Group Clean Days Sign Up

A Brief History

Since the 1990s, WRWC has relied on volunteers to help shape the Greenway. Clean Days on the Greenway has roots in both small neighborhood cleanup projects, and big, all-out cleanup events. Since the 1990s, youth from the Olneyville, Manton and Hartford neighborhoods have worked as volunteers and then as Junior River Rangers, helping with cleanups and preparing the way for the Woonasquatucket Greenway Project. Additional volunteers from neighborhoods surrounding the River have joined in to pull refuse from the river and clean up dumping grounds in what would become the parks of today. Most of all, they brought the fun and spirit of youth to the area. After learning about the great work being done, even more groups joined the effort.

With the construction of the Greenway in the early 2000s, more businesses, schools and other non-profits joined the WRWC and Junior River Rangers on special projects and regular cleanups. In 2010, WRWC hosted the first official Clean Days on the Greenway as a singular event. Since then, WRWC has continued to rally annually, often right around Earth Day, to bring hundreds of volunteers together to prepare for spring. In 2015, Clean Days became a branded, year-long program. Today, we continue our efforts, large and small, throughout the year, and Clean Days on the Greenway has become one of the largest, on-going volunteer cleanup and restoration efforts in the region.