Do’s & Don’ts of the Woonasquatucket River

The Woonasquatucket River is safer and cleaner than it has been since before the Industrial Revolution. But we’re not done, yet. Learn the Do’s & Don’ts to safely enjoy this amazing river.

Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL)

A calculation of the amount of pollutants that a water body can assimilate and still perform all its functions. Development of a TMDL for the Woonasquatucket is both a requirement of the Clean Water Act and helps us to regulate and monitor the health of the river and to identify problem areas.

Full Woonasquatucket TMDL calculation here.

RIPDES Stormwater Phase II Program

This program is mandated under an EPA rule of 1990 to address polluted runoff entering stormwater systems in municipal separate storm sewer systems (MS4s) and eventually discharging into a waterbody such as a river or bay. All the communities in the Woonasquatucket River watershed are either required or eligible for Phase II regulation.

Visit the RI DEM website here for more information.