Below are links to a series of environmental education based videos created by the WRWC. We hope that you are staying safe and taking time to enjoy the outside during this difficult time. Here you will find different watershed science activities, stories, crafts, and more. Please contact our Education Director at if you are interested in receiving more environmental resources for the at home learning world. We hope you enjoy exploring the Woonasquatucket River right at home!

What is a Watershed? Watershed Pollution Model: Learn about what a watershed is, and how pollution impacts our waterways! Here, we are exploring the Woonasquatucket River Watershed: a 52 square mile area that begins in North Smithfield and ends in Providence, but impacts 27% of RI populations, over 283,757 individuals total.

Who Dirtied the Woony?: In this watershed model extension, educator Alicia shares the history of the Woonasquatucket River and the pollution that has impacted it along the years.

Make Your Own Watershed: Join Alicia for this interactive activity you can do at home about watersheds! This is a great extension to our watershed model video. Using just paper, washable markers, a tray, and water – you can make your very own watershed. Printable instructions are included below under the downloadable PDF’s section.

How Healthy is the River? Water Quality Testing: Join the Education Team along the Woonasquatucket River as they test the health of the river by conducting a water quality sample. We test the pH, dissolved oxygen, nitrate, and phosphate levels at Riverside Park.

Nature Spotlight – River Herring: Join us at Rising Sun Mills and learn about a very special fish friend who we love to see in the Woony River! We do fish counting every March-May and are always looking for volunteers. Check out our “fish counting” section of the website for more information.

Hot Club Marina Trash Skimmer Tour: The Woonasquatucket River Watershed Council, Clean Ocean Access, and the Hot Club have all come together to work on an innovative marine debris solution call the Trash Skimmer. The Hot Club Marina Trash Skimmer is working to collect plastic pollution and oil sheen directly from the Providence River. Join Naya Black, WRWC’s Youth Education Coordinator, on a tour of the unit.

Environmental Leaders- Green Infrastructure Project: Our Environmental Leaders student Evan Rodriguez made this exciting video about the importance of Green Infrastructure. Evan, a 10th grade student, worked with the Woonasquatucket River Watershed Council as part of the Environmental Leaders Program – a partnership with the Metropolitan Career and Technical Center (MET). Shown here, Evan interviews 4th grade students at Paul Cuffee Lower School as they clean up their bioswale.

What’s Swimming at Riverside Park: WRWC River Ranger Jacob Gorke shows us what’s happening under the water at the Riverside Park Fish Ladder! We are so happy to see River Herring returning to the Woonasquatucket every year.

What Lives in the River? Macro-invertebrate Sampling: Our Education Team heads into the river to learn more about its health through the critters that live there. See how a macro invertebrate sampling is done in the Woony River, and view what we found! Part 1 of a multi-video adventure.

What Lives in the River? Macro-invertebrate Sampling: The Woonasquatucket River Watershed Council meets with Cynthia Morissette from the Narragansett Bay Commission, to learn more about the macro invertebrates found in the Woony River! This is part two of a multi-video adventure.

Plastic Pollution: Journey of a Water Bottle:Clare Brown, our Land Conservation Steward, tells us about the journey of water bottle. We begin at Riverside Park, and make our way out to the open oceans! While this is one bottle, this is the story for much of the plastic pollution that enters our watershed. Luckily, there are many things you can do to stop the journey, and take care of your waste!

All Things Bats: Lesson and Craft:Join Naya and SJ, our Youth Education and Community Engagement Coordinators, to learn about the importance of bats. Follow along to the end to participate in a fun bat craft activity using materials you have at home!

Leaf Printing at Home: An easy activity for all ages. You can use this craft as an extension for learning, a few examples are included in this video. Topics can include: photosynthesis, what plants do for the environment, colors of leaves, difference between evergreen and deciduous trees, and more. All you will need for materials are: Leaves (Go for a walk outside and grab as many as you’d like), Acrylic Paint, Paint Brushes, & Paper.

Upcycling 101: From T-Shirt to Reusable Bag: Upcycling is the idea of re purposing something that you are no longer using and altering it into something that you will be able to use! Here, Sara from the Watershed Council takes an old shirt and turns it into a reusable bag. Follow along for how to directions, all you will need is a pair of scissors and a t-shirt.

The Magic School Bus Gets Eaten: A Book About Food Chains: Join Sara, WRWC’s Education Director for a story that dives deep into how food chains work.

Trout are Made of Trees: Trout are Made of Trees is a short book written by April Pulley Sayre, geared towards elementary students. Reading is done at Riverside Park, located on 50 Aleppo St, Providence RI 02909.

D’Abate Release Video: Although Fish in the Classroom has ended, the WRWC is bringing the Fish Release Celebration right to you! Miss Alicia and Miss Sara walk you through the steps to removing Brook Trout from the classrooms and into the Woonasquatucket River. Thank you to William D’Abate Elementary students for doing SUCH a good job taking care of our friends this school year.

Fish Release Celebration – Paul Cuffee Lower Elementary: Although Fish in the Classroom has ended, the WRWC is bringing the Fish Release Celebration right to you! Miss Alicia brings you through the steps to removing Brook Trout from the classrooms and into the Woonasquatucket River. Thank you to Paul Cuffee Lower School students for doing SUCH a good job taking care of our friends this school year.

Printable PDF’s for activities at home and along the Greenway!

  • River Bingo: Head out to the Woonasquatucket Greenway and start looking for different locations and creatures you may find along the Greenway.
  • Make Your Own Watershed: Directions for the Make Your Own Watershed Activity.


Additional Resources:

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