We have big news!

The WRWC announced that it has joined bidnet direct’s Rhode Island Purchasing Group and will be sending out upcoming bid opportunities through the system. This means that the WRWC will now have a platform to share bid opportunities for new projects and more easily reach potential project partners. Registered vendors are able to access all open bids, related files, and award information.

bidnet direct is a sourcing solution of regional purchasing groups available at no cost to local government agencies throughout the country. It runs regional purchasing groups, including the Rhode Island Purchasing Group, across all 50 states that are used by over 1,500 local governments. The Rhode Island Purchasing Group connects agencies across the state through a single, online location that managing source activities and helps local government agencies in the state save time and money throughout the purchasing process.

To view the WRWC’s bid opportunities, visit https://www.bidnetdirect.com/rhode-island/wrwc.

You can read the full story here.