Volunteering as a group on the Greenway can be an awesome team building experience. Business groups build camaraderie, students learn more about the environment, neighbors become stewards, and everyone has fun in the great outdoors. River Rangers work with over 1,000 volunteers throughout the year to make the Greenway an amazing place to play and experience nature. We partner with groups to work on Place Making Transformation Projects (which need funding), and Basic Cleanup Projects (day-to-day stewardship).

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Projects take place along the Woonasquatucket River Greenway, stretching from downtown Providence into Johnston, RI. Once we confirm date and time, we will connect your group with a service location. For groups with Basic Cleanup Projects, we will contact you the week prior to confirm project & location details. For groups working on Place Making Projects, we will set a project location further in advance.


River Rangers work with volunteer groups from spring through early winter, weather permitting. We often work with groups on weekdays from 9am-4pm or for half days. We can also discuss other options.


River Rangers lead volunteer groups on Place Making Projects and Basic Cleanup Projects along the Woonasquatucket River Greenway. No experience is required, and we provide tools and supplies. WRWC welcomes people of all abilities.

Place Making Transformation Projects
(projects that need help with funding)

Typically include:

  • Plantings
  • Construction projects
  • Special painting / mural projects
  • And more! We dream big and have an ongoing list of projects we’d like to develop with you!

Basic Cleanup Projects

Typically include:

  • Litter sweeps
  • Mulch mobs
  • Invasive plant pulls
  • Graffiti knockouts
  • Tire pulls & in-water cleanup
  • Pruning
  • Dead-heading & plant cleanup

Group Size:

River Rangers work with groups of varying sizes. Groups must arrange service days in advance.


WRWC needs your support! We ask volunteer groups wanting to secure a custom date of service to support our programs through a small donation (see more below on why we ask for a donation).

  • Not able to donate?
    No problem! Can you join one of our open Community Clean Days?
    See our calendar for upcoming dates.
  • Can you donate $300?
    Secure your date, and we will set up your team with a Basic Cleanup Project (see above).
  • Your group loves Place Making Projects and can give more?
    Secure your date for $300, and let’s start dreaming together! We probably have an exciting project you’ll love (see types above). We can work with you to fit a project budget to what your group is able to give. Let’s make more Greenway dreams happen!
  • None of these options works for you?
    Call us! We can always work something out. We want to work with you.


Volunteer groups coordinate with WRWC to select a date, time and project type.

WRWC Waiver

General Info:

  • Group Contact – Each group must have a primary contact to coordinate with WRWC ahead of time and who will be on site for your group’s project day.
  • Waivers – All volunteers must bring signed waivers, separate ones for youth under 18 signed by parents/guardians (waivers in both Spanish & English available).
  • Lunch – We ask that your group bring a lunch if you plan to work for a full day.
  • Youth – Notify us if your group has youth so we can work with their abilities.
  • Abilities – The WRWC welcomes people of all abilities to participate in our Clean Days. Please let us know if someone in your group has specific access needs, and we will do our best to work with their needs.
  • Rain Dates – All projects are outdoors and are rain or shine unless we schedule a rain date with your group.
  • Questions? Bring any questions or great ideas you have for making the Greenway even better!

Why a Donation:

WRWC spends quality time creating awesome days of service. We love providing a great team building experience and meeting the needs of our community! Supporting WRWC means you help us continue to restore the environment and spark economic opportunity for communities historically in poverty. We continue to be grateful to and encouraged by the support of volunteers who give their time and talent to the Greenway. Your donation also helps WRWC provide River Ranger staff, planning, and project development to our open Community Clean Days projects, often in under-served communities. And you help us keep WRWC running smoothly across all programs!

Your contribution can often be requested through your group’s communications office. Contact us if you would like help making this request. Would you like to support WRWC further? Let’s discuss how your organization can become a sponsor.