WRWC Executive Director Alicia Lehrer was quoted in the latest Providence Journal article on flooding in Providence:

Heavy rains are no new feat for Providence, but the rise of fast-developing storms are taking a toll on the city. Most of the city has hard, non-absorbent surfaces which makes it difficult for rainwater to to drain, leaving the streets in a wake a flash floods and heavy stormwater runoff. While the city has made attempts to reduce the risks that come with heavy rainfall, Providence remains at great risk for heavy downpour and flash floods and climate change continues to severely affect the environment.

However, one such solution being considered is green infrastructure. Green infrastructure refers to practices like planting more vegetation to help absorb rainwater or using porous pavement to help minimize water pooling. Unfortunately, with Providence facing such severe downpour and flooding, it will take much more green infrastructure throughout the city to help offset the effects of rainfall. WRWC Executive Director Alicia Lehrer says, “We’re getting these much heavier, flashier, quick-dropping storms, and there’s just no time. Even if we did all those retrofits that we talked about, with these heavier storms, there’s no time to absorb it.”

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