Electrofishing | Willett Elementary School

Friday, September 20, 2019 @ 12 pm

We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers to assist with electrofishing in the 10 Mile River! For those who don’t know, electrofishing is a common survey method used to gather data about fish populations in bodies of water. An in-water team uses a device that puts an electric current into the water, temporarily stunning the fish. This allows the fish to be gathered and then brought to shore, where important data can be gathered. The best part is that the fish can then be returned to the water, with no harm done! The data we gather about the fish, including species and size, provides us with helpful information about the health of the river.

We are hoping to have volunteers join us for this important, fun habitat assessment and have spots available both on land and in the water. We welcome all ages and all materials will be provided including waders and gloves for the in-water team.

Please bring: reusable water bottle, sunglasses, and an extra pair of socks if going in water. We will meet outside of Willett Elementary School.

To register: scanuel@wrwc.org | (401)861-9046