The Woonasquatucket River Watershed Council (WRWC), in partnership with the City of Providence, is excited to announce the launch of our latest Greenway project! The Promenade Kinsley Greenway Expansion will be an off-road, shared-use path spanning one mile from Downtown Providence behind the mall to Eagle Square in the Olneyville neighborhood. The project is set to begin construction next spring in 2024. 

This latest development along the Greenway is expected to increase public access to recreational and transportation opportunities along the river, foster economic development, and strengthen neighborhood connections between Downtown and the Smith Hill, Valley, and Olneyville neighborhoods. Providence Mayor Brett Smiley has also expressed support for the project, noting that, “By strengthening our stormwater management, economic prospects and recreational amenities, this initiative will shape a more vibrant and resilient urban landscape for all residents, businesses and visitors to enjoy.”

The Promenade Kinsley Greenway Expansion will also include improvements to the existing Greenway, as well as new trees and bioswales (a landscape feature that collects polluted stormwater runoff and filters out the pollution), to reduce flooding, treat the water that runs off into the river, and provide a habitat for native life along the riverbank. These features will help provide a safe, recreational space for residents and preserve the native flora and fauna that live along the river. 

For nearly two decades, this expansion project has been a priority for the organization, as detailed by WRWC Executive Director Alicia Lehrer. “The WRWC is thrilled that the Promenade/Kinsley Greenway enhancements are ready for construction. It has been a priority for almost 20 years because it is the missing link in creating a safe, active transportation route and strong connection between so many neighborhoods and downtown Providence. It also strengthens and celebrates one of the only wildlife corridors through Providence while helping to clean the river.” And thanks to the City of Providence, the project is now closer to becoming a reality for connecting the many neighborhoods of the city and providing a shared-use path for residents. Executive Director Lehrer adds that “This could not have happened without WRWC’s wonderful partnership with the City’s great planning staff. Starting in 2016, together we developed the project, secured funding, and included all Greenway neighbors and partners in planning. We couldn’t be happier this day is finally here.”


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Here’s a look at what you will see and enjoy as this section of the Woonasquatucket River Greenway comes to life!