Wildlife in the Watershed

From the wetlands, forests, lakes, ponds and rivers to the towns and urban areas in the Woonasquatucket River Watershed, a wide variety of plants and animals can be seen. Native fish such as herring and eels swim up the river from the ocean, while largemouth bass, yellow perch and other fish live in the lakes and ponds of the watershed. Peregrine falcons nest in downtown Providence and a wide variety of other birds live in or travel through the watershed. Otters have been seen in some parts of the watershed. Trees, amphibians and other creatures large and small add to the diversity of the watershed.

We are compiling a list of wildlife found in the watershed, mostly using reports from volunteers like you! Click on the links below to see lists of the plants and animals found in the watershed. If you have additions to these lists, please use the form below to submit them.


  • Bird

    Blackbird, Red-winged (Johnston, North Providence, North Smithfield, Providence, Smithfield)
    Blackbird, Rusty (North Smithfield)
    Bluebird, Eastern (North Smithfield, Smithfield)
    Bufflehead (Johnston, North Providence, Providence)
    Cardinal, Northern (North Smithfield, Providence, Smithfield)
    Catbird, Gray (Providence)
    Chickadee, Black-capped (North Smithfield, Providence, Smithfield)
    Cormorant, Double-crested (Johnston, North Providence, Providence, Smithfield)
    Cowbird, Brown-headed (North Smithfield, Providence)
    Creeper, Brown (North Smithfield, Smithfield)
    Crow, American (Providence)
    Crow, Fish (Providence)
    Cuckoo, Black-billed (North Smithfield, Smithfield)
    Dove, Mourning (North Smithfield, Providence, Smithfield)
    Dove, Rock (Providence)
    Duck, Black (Providence, Smithfield)
    Duck, Wood (Johnston, North Providence, Providence, Smithfield)
    Eagle, Bald (Johnston)
    Egret, Great (Johnston, North Providence, Providence)
    Falcon, Peregrine (Providence)
    Finch, House (Providence)
    Flicker, Northern (North Smithfield, Providence, Smithfield)
    Flycatcher, Great-Crested (Providence)
    Goldfinch, American (North Providence, Providence, Smithfield)
    Goose, Canada (Johnston, North Providence, Providence, Smithfield)
    Grackle, Common (North Smithfield, Providence)
    Gull, Great Black-Backed (Providence)
    Gull, Herring (Providence)
    Gull, Laughing (Providence)
    Gull, Ring-billed (Providence)
    Hawk, Cooper’s (Providence, Smithfield)
    Hawk, Red-tailed (North Smithfield, Providence, Smithfield)
    Hawk, Sharp-Shinned (North Smithfield)
    Heron, Black-crowned Night (Johnston, North Providence, Providence)
    Heron, Great Blue (Johnston, North Providence, Providence, Smithfield)
    Heron, Green (Johnston, North Providence, North Smithfield, Providence, Smithfield)
    Hummingbird, Ruby-throated (North Smithfield)
    Jay, Blue (North Smithfield, Providence, Smithfield)
    Junco, Northern (North Providence, North Smithfield, Providence, Smithfield)
    Kestrel, American (Providence)
    Killdeer (Providence)
    Kingbird, Eastern (Johnston, North Providence, North Smithfield, Providence, Smithfield)
    Kingfisher, Belted (Johnston, North Providence, North Providence, Providence, Smithfield)
    Kinglet, Golden-Crowned (Smithfield)
    Loon, Common (Providence, Smithfield)
    Loon, Red-Throated (Providence)
    Mallard (Johnston, North Providence, Providence, Smithfield)
    Merganser, Common (Johnston, North Providence, Providence, Smithfield)
    Merganser, Hooded (Johnston, North Providence, Providence, Smithfield)
    Merganser, Red-Breasted (Providence)
    Mockingbird, Northern (North Providence, Providence, Smithfield)
    Nighthawk, Common (North Smithfield, Providence, Smithfield)
    Nuthatch, White-breasted (North Smithfield, Providence, Smithfield)
    Oriole, “Baltimore” (or Northern) (Johnston, North Providence, North Smithfield, Providence, Smithfield)
    Osprey (Providence)
    Ovenbird (Providence)
    Owl, Great Horned (North Smithfield, Smithfield)
    Phoebe, Eastern (Providence)
    Pintail, Northern (Smithfield)
    Raven, Common (Providence)
    Robin, American (Providence, Smithfield)
    Sandpiper, Spotted (North Smithfield, Providence, Smithfield)
    Sparrow, Chipping (Providence, Smithfield)
    Sparrow, Fox (North Smithfield, Smithfield)
    Sparrow, House (Providence, Smithfield)
    Sparrow, Song (Providence)
    Sparrow, Swamp (North Smithfield, Smithfield)
    Sparrow, White-Crowned (Providence)
    Starling, European (Providence)
    Swallow, Rough-Winged (Providence)
    Swan, Mute (Johnston, North Providence, Providence, Smithfield)
    Swift, Chimney (Johnston, North Providence, Providence)
    Tanager, Scarlet (North Smithfield, Smithfield)
    Thrasher, Brown (North Smithfield, Smithfield)
    Thrush, Hermit (Providence)
    Titmouse, Tufted (North Smithfield)
    Towhee, Eastern (North Smithfield, Smithfield)
    Turkey, Wild (North Smithfield, Providence, Smithfield)
    Vireo, Blue-Headed (North Smithfield)
    Vireo, Red-Eyed (North Smithfield, Providence, Smithfield)
    Vireo, Warbling (Providence)
    Warbler, Blackpoll (Providence)
    Warbler, Orange-Crowned (Providence)
    Warbler, Yellow (Providence)
    Waterthrush, Northern (Providence)
    Waxwing, Cedar (North Smithfield, Providence, Smithfield)
    Whip-Poor-Will (North Smithfield, Smithfield)
    Woodcock, American (Providence)
    Woodpecker, Downy (North Providence, North Smithfield, Providence)
    Woodpecker, Hairy (North Smithfield, Providence)
    Woodpecker, Pileated (North Smithfield, Smithfield)
    Woodpecker, Red-Bellied (North Smithfield, Providence, Smithfield)
    Wren, House (Providence)
    Yellowthroa, Common (Providence)

  • Mammals

    Bat, Brown (Johnston)
    Beaver (North Smithfield, Providence, Smithfield)
    Chipmunk, Gray Eastern (Smithfield)
    Coyote (North Smithfield)
    Deer, White-tailed (Johnston, North Providence, North Smithfield, Providence, Smithfield)
    Fisher (North Smithfield, Providence, Smithfield)
    Fox, Red (Johnston, North Smithfield, Providence, Smithfield)
    Groundhog (woodchuck) (Glocester, Providence)
    Harbor Seal (Providence)
    Mink (North Smithfield, Smithfield)
    Muskrat (Johnston, North Providence, Providence, Smithfield)
    Opossum (North Smithfield)
    Otter, River (Johnston, North Smithfield, Smithfield)
    Raccoon (North Providence, North Smithfield, Smithfield)
    Shrew (North Providence)
    Skunk, Stripped (North Smithfield, Providence, Smithfield)
    Squirrel, Eastern Gray (North Providence, Providence, Smithfield)
    Squirrel, Northern Flying (North Smithfield, Smithfield)
    Squirrel, Red (North Smithfield, Smithfield)

  • Fish

    American Eel (Johnston, North Providence, Providence, Smithfield)
    Bass, Largemouth (Johnston, North Providence, Providence)
    Bass, Smallmouth (Johnston, North Providence)
    Black Bullhead (Catfish) (Johnston, North Providence, Providence)
    Bluegill (Johnston, North Providence, Providence)
    Carp (Johnston, North Providence, Providence)
    Chain Pickerel (Johnston, North Providence, Providence)
    Crappie (Johnston, North Providence, Providence)
    Dace (Providence)
    Herring (Providence)
    Johnny Darter Fish (Johnston, Providence, Smithfield)
    Menhaden, Atlantic (Providence)
    Perch, Yellow (Johnston, North Providence, Providence, Smithfield)
    Pumpkinseed (Sunfish) (Johnston, North Providence, Providence)
    Shiner (Johnston, North Providence, Providence, Smithfield)
    Sucker, Longnose (Providence)
    Sucker, White (Providence)

  • Reptiles

    DeKay’s Brown Snake (North Providence, Providence)
    Snake, Eastern Milk (North Smithfield, Smithfield)
    Snake, Garter (Smithfield)
    Snake, Hog-Nosed (North Smithfield, Smithfield)
    Snake, Northern Water (Johnston, North Providence, Providence)
    Terrapin, Diamondback (Providence)
    Turtle, Eastern Box (North Smithfield, Smithfield)
    Turtle, Eastern Painted (Johnston, North Providence, Providence)
    Turtle, Musk (Johnston, North Providence, Providence)
    Turtle, Snapping (Johnston, North Providence, North Smithfield, Providence, Smithfield)
    Turtle, Spotted (Johnston, North Providence, Providence)
    Tutle, Pond Slider (Red-Eared Slider) (North Providence, Providence, Smithfield)


  • Amphibians

    Bullfrog (Johnston, North Providence, Providence)
    Frog, Eastern Grey Tree (North Smithfield, Smithfield)
    Frog, Green (Johnston, North Providence, Providence)
    Frog, Leopard (Johnston, North Providence, Providence, Smithfield)

  • Insects & Other Macroinvertibrates

    Black Fly Larva (Johnston, Providence)
    Caddis Flies (Johnston, Providence)
    Dragonfly, Common Skimmer (Symetrum) (Smithfield)
    Dragonfly, Green Darner (Anax) (Smithfield)
    Eastern Dobsonflies (North Smithfield, Smithfield)
    Eyed Tiger Moth (North Smithfield, Smithfield)
    Giant Ichneumon (North Smithfield, Smithfield)
    Horsehair Worm (Gordonia) (Smithfield)
    Luna Moth (North Smithfield, Smithfield)
    Robber Fly (Family: Asilidae, Genus: Laphria) (North Smithfield, Smithfield)
    Water Scorpion (Ranatra) (Smithfield)
    Water Stiders (Gerris) (Smithfield)
    Whirligig Beetles (Dineutus) (North Providence, Providence, Smithfield)

  • Mollusks & Crustaceans

    Corbicula (Asiatic clam) (Providence)
    Crab, Blue (Providence)
    Crayfish (Cambarus) (Smithfield)
    Crayfish (Genera not known) (Providence)
    Crayfish (Orconectus) (Smithfield)
    Elliptio complinata (freshwater mussel) (Johnston, Providence)
    Freshwater Clam (Ligumia or Eliptio) (Smithfield)
    Snail, Land (Veniridens) (Smithfield)
    Snail, Pond (Campeloma) (Smithfield)

  • Trees

    Apple (Providence)
    Ash, Green (Providence)
    Basswood (American Linden) (Providence)
    Birch, Gray (Providence)
    Boxelder (Providence)
    Buttonbush (Providence)
    Catalpa, Northern (Providence)
    Cedar, Atlantic White (North Smithfield, Smithfield)
    Chestnut, American (North Smithfield, Smithfield)
    Cottonwood, Eastern (Providence)
    Crabapple (Providence)
    Elm, American (Providence)
    Elm, Slippery (Providence)
    Hackberry (Providence)
    Honeylocust (Providence)
    Locust, Black (Providence)
    Maple, Norway (Providence)
    Maple, Red (Providence)
    Maple, Silver (North Smithfield, Providence, Smithfield)
    Mulberry, White (Providence)
    Oak, Pin (Providence)
    Oak, Red (Providence)
    Planetree, London (Providence)
    Sassafras (North Smithfield, Providence, Smithfield)
    Sycamore (Providence)
    Walnut, Black (North Smithfield, Smithfield)
    Willow (Providence)
    Willow, Weeping (North Providence)

  • Other Plants

    Jack-In-the Pulpit (Providence)
    Pickerelweed (North Providence, Providence)

  • Sightings Reported By:

    Glenn Abanilla, Johnston
    Lisa Aurecchia, Providence
    Angel Ayala, Providence
    Denise Budz, Providence
    David Butera, Johnston
    David Campbell, Providence
    Kristine Clark, Providence
    Jim DiChristofero, North Smithfield
    Carol Drowne, Providence
    Gordon Fitch, Providence
    Merideth Fontaine, North Providence
    Ray Hartenstine, North Providence
    Bruce Hooke, Providence
    Patricia A. Houle, Providence
    Shomari S. Husband, Providence
    Joe Jutras, North Providence
    Mike (Mick) Korba, Smithfield
    Jay Manning, Providence
    Eugenia Marks, Providence
    Jennifer Pereira, Johnston
    Polly Reynolds, North Providence
    Jason Richer, North Smithfield
    Elizabeth Rodriguez, North Providence
    William Schmidt, Johnston
    Justin Smith, Providence
    Doug Still, Providence
    Terri Tracy, Providence
    Glen Verduchi, Johnston
    Kevin Wasilewski, Providence

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